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2021 Canadian Federal Election

Canada held its regularly scheduled parliamentary election on September 20, 2021. All 338 seats in the House of Commons were up for election, and a party needed 170 seats to win the right to form a majority government.

Incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the election just two years after the previous federal election, hoping to secure a majority for his Liberal Party. Canada's other major political parties heavily criticized the move, which came in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that started in early 2020.

The end result was largely the status quo. Trudeau's Liberals won 160 seats, falling ten short of an outright majority, requiring the prime minister's party to form a minority government relying upon the confidence and supply of the New Democratic Party.

This was the second federal election in a row where the Liberal Party won the majority of seats despite losing the national popular vote to the opposition Conservative Party. The Conservatives won the national popular vote by 1.1% over the Liberals, largely by scoring exceptionally lopsided wins in ridings throughout the heavily-conservative Prairie provinces.

I didn't stick to the weather.