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August 13, 2020— I finally got around to my hurricane season maps and added them under the 'weather maps' dropdown above. The maps include the 2015-2020 Atlantic hurricane seasons. I'll update the 2020 map throughout the season, and I'll eventually build back pre-2015 as far as I can.

August 11, 2020—Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris to be his running mate shortly after 4:00 PM EDT. The polls closed in Connecticut four hours later, finally closing out the 2020 Democratic primary.

I've filled out the maps and charts over on the 2020 pages to the best of my ability. All vote tallies come from official state or party sources. As of today, Indiana and New York still hadn't certified their final results. I'm not sure when Connecticut will finalize their tally, but it'll probably take a few weeks to count their mail ballots.

I'll eventually get around to filling out the 2020 Republican Primary votes. The delegate tallies are hard to track since the GOP cancelled out delegates won by Trump's opponents and plan to renominate him by acclamation.

June 5, 2020—Joe Biden formally clinched the Democratic presidential nomination at about 10:30 PM EDT by securing the 1,991 delegates needed for nomination on the first ballot, according to the Associated Press' count.

June 3, 2020—I've updated the races through June 2. Several of the races that day were conducted through vote-by-mail, so it'll take up to a week to get the full results. I'll update the charts page as results are finalized and certified.

May 9, 2020—Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic nominee when Bernie Sanders dropped out on April 8. I've updated results through May 2.

This year saw the largest field in history (29 major candidates in total), yet it wrapped up in two months, about the same pace as the 2004 primary.

The schedule for the remaining races is still somewhat fuzzy due to the coronavirus pandemic. The DNC delayed the convention until August 17-20, 2020. New York tried to cancel its presidential primary as everyone but Biden dropped out, but a judge ordered the primary back on (pending appeal). To the best of my ability, here's where things seem to stand now:

May 12: NE
May 19: OR (mail ballots due)
May 22: HI (mail ballots due)
June 2: IN | MD | MT | NM | PA | RI | SD | DC
June 6: U.S.V.I.
June 9: GA | WV
June 23: KY | NY
July 7: DE | NJ
July 11: LA
August 11: CT
Delayed Indefinitely: GU | PR

April 1, 2020—I've updated all the results through 3/23. The only states that haven't finalized their results yet are California and Illinois; both are scheduled to finish by mid-April.

Most of the remaining states and territories have opted to delay their primaries until May or June. It's possible that some states could delay their primaries even later. Here's what the schedule looks like as of now:

April 7: WI
April 10: AK (mail ballots due)
April 17: WY (mail ballots due)
April 26: PR
May 2: GU | KS (mail ballots due)
May 12: NE | WV
May 19: GA | OR (mail ballots due)
May 22: HI (mail ballots due)
June 2: CT | DE | IN | MD | MT | NJ | NM | OH | PA | RI | SD | DC
June 6: U.S.V.I.
June 20: LA
June 23: KY | NY

March 14, 2020—Three states so far have opted to delay their presidential primaries in response to the public health emergency. Georgia moved from March 24 to May 19. Louisiana moved from April 4 to June 20. Puerto Rico moved from March 29 to April 26.

March 10, 2020—Ported my old blog to Wordpress and added it to this site.

March 4, 2020—I'm slowly filling in the results from Super Tuesday. It could be three or four weeks before we have the final result from California's extensive mail-in vote. The count in Colorado and Utah will also take a while. I'll update the county winner and vote totals once every day or two. It'll take me a while to fill out the county margin of victory maps.

February 24, 2020—Nevada Democrats have 96% of the caucus results reported after 48 hours. This should be the last of the byzantine caucus nonsense until Wyoming in April. (All the rest of the races are firehouse primaries or state-run elections.) I'll update vote totals and the downloadable maps once all precincts are reporting.

February 23, 2020—Added a delegate count to keep track of each major candidate's progress to the nomination on the first ballot, as well as how many pledged delegates remain in the coming races.

February 12, 2020—Added results of the New Hampshire Democratic Primary.

February 3, 2020—I've added the results of the Republican caucus in Iowa. I'll add the results of the Democratic caucus...whenever they figure them out.

December 16, 2019—Online. Don't judge me too harshly. Hopefully this will help me vent some of my political energy away from Twitter. (Ha.)
December 13, 2019—I added my map of the U.K.'s 2019 general election.

December 12, 2019—Finished preparing maps and charts for primary season. I'm using Biden, Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Sanders, and Warren as the six candidates who appear on my maps/charts pages, since they're the six candidates leading the polling averages right now. I'll tinker with the names and colors as we get closer. The GOP primary is complicated because some state GOPs are working to shut down opposition to Trump's nomination.

December 8, 2019—Added my map of Canada's 2019 federal election. Added 2020 primary pages.

November 26, 2019—I rebuilt and added "Super Reference Desk 3000," the gloriously hokey home page I've used for years to keep up with current weather and quickly access GIS files. The name is a long and illustrious inside joke with my insomnia-addled mind.

November 14, 2019—After a few years, I finally liberated wxdam dot com from spammer-squatters who wanted thousands of dollars to relinquish the domain name and haphazardly forgot to renew. Using my high school Programming I skills to bring things up to date.

August 24, 2016—Finalized the 2016 primary data through the convention floor votes. Also added a page showing what time the networks called each presidential election.

June 15, 2016—Finished my maps and charts for both primaries and will update them as states report/adjust vote totals. Working on a couple of new maps for both this cycle and elections long since decided.

June 6, 2016—Hillary Clinton clinched the nomination at 8:20 PM EDT after the Associated Press canvassed superdelegates and found she has the support of 2,383 delegates. I've updated the delegate charts to reflect the change.

June 5, 2016—Updated maps and charts for the Democratic primary after the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico voted on June 4 and 5, respectively.

May 26, 2016—Donald Trump clinched the nomination at 10:20 AM EDT after the Associated Press canvassed unpledged delegates from North Dakota and found that he had the support of 1,237 delegates. Updated maps and charts for the Republican primary after Washington voted on May 24. Redid the delegate count charts for both parties. Added results of the non-binding Democratic primaries in Nebraska and Washington to the map page.

May 17, 2016—Updated maps and charts to reflect the Democratic primary results in Kentucky and Oregon.

May 15, 2016—Added a new chart to the 2016 Democratic Primary charts page, highlighting the racial divide between states Hillary wins and states Bernie wins.

May 13, 2016—Switched from Blogger to a hosting service. Added maps. Rejiggered pages. Might add Wordpress or something similar.

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