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2019 Canadian Federal Election

Canada held its regularly scheduled parliamentary election on Monday, October 21, 2019. All 338 seats in the House of Commons were up for election, and a party needed 170 seats to win the right to form a majority government.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party lost 20 seats, falling short of a majority but coming in far enough ahead of the Conservatives to form a minority government. The Conservative Party dominated the western provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, where they won every seat except one and an overwhelming majority in the popular vote. The New Democratic Party fell into fourth place after losing 15 seats, mostly losing ground to the nationalist Bloc Québécois in Québec.

The Liberal Party's minority government would have to cooperate with other parties—mainly the NDP and Green Party—to work toward enacting certain pieces of legislation. Trudeau will also have to contend with Conservatives who are upset that their party won the national popular vote but, because the vote was concentrated in one region, didn't win the most seats across the country.

I didn't stick to the weather.